Babies Come True

Canadian Surrogacy and Egg Donation 101 for International Intended Parents

6:00 pm GMT +1:00 – February 26

Join us for a Surrogacy 101 webinar to understand Surrogacy in Canada.

Our expert speakers will cover every aspect, from education and preparation to post-birth support. They’ll provide in-depth information on the matching process, legal agreements, medical screenings, pregnancy, childbirth, and post-birth legal procedures. Hear personal insights and experiences from a Canadian surrogate and egg donor and ask questions. This webinar will have something for you no matter where you are on your own journey.

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Speakers include:

– Nir Keren, Canadian Surrogacy expert, Founder and CEO of Babies Come True
– Nadine Burger, three-time surrogate and six-time egg donor.
– Courtney Colwill, three-time surrogate and three-time egg donor.
– Rachel West, Partner at Embury & West LLP.

Additional topics include:

– Is Surrogacy in Canada Legal?
– How much does Surrogacy cost in Canada for International Intended Parents?
– Is Surrogacy in Canada safe?
– What does the Canadian surrogacy process look like?
– We walk you through the stages of the entire Surrogacy and Egg Donation journey.
– What is the Canadian-US Hybrid Model?
– What are the differences from the US?
– What are the benefits and challenges of the Canadian journey?
– Hear directly from a Canadian Surrogate and a Canadian Egg Donor.
– Learn how the legal framework of Surrogacy in Canada works.
– Get detailed information about what to do before starting your journey.

Don’t miss this opportunity to educate yourself on surrogacy in Canada!


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