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Our Services

BCT is at your service to identify the right service providers to assemble your dream-making-team.

We know the Canadian surrogacy landscape and which providers you can trust to help build your family. We will be your point of contact with the clinic. Through our strong network we will connect you to egg donation agencies, surrogacy agencies, lawyers, and insurance providers.

The clinic

VRC (Victory Reproductive Care)

We partner with Victory Reproductive Care (VRC)—the starting point for all the medical needs of your journey to parenthood. VRC has helped build many families in its years of operation. It is internationally renowned for its cutting-edge care, specialized facilities, and ground-breaking research to give you the best options for creating your family. The clinic’s commitment to you...

Babies to date


Personalized Care


A dedicated medical specialist will oversee all your testing and treatment, ensuring your unique needs are met

Comprehensive Services


Our many in-house services will give you a variety of options at every turn

Accomplished Team


Our respected team of professionals has been providing fertility care with precision

Pioneering Science


We are always working on ways to advance the success of your treatment



Our partner clinic achieves high levels of pregnancy on the first transfer—a win for both IPs and their surrogate!

The egg donation and surrogacy agencies

Referral services

We work in tandem with all the egg donor and surrogate agencies in Canada and will refer you to them, so that you may meet and decide on the right one to hire to round off your team of providers.

These two agencies will then work with you to help you find a respective egg donor and surrogate—the two most essential individuals in your team.

The lawyers

Law regulations and services

In order to achieve surrogacy in Canada you must have different contracts in place (i.e. egg donor and surrogate agreements) to ensure that your journey follows the law.

BCT works with the most experienced lawyers in Canada, recognized nationally and internationally, so you have variety to choose from.

We will also assist you with finding a lawyer in your home country, so you can ensure a smooth immigration process when bringing your child home.

The insurance providers

Newborn insurance

We never like to think about things not going as planned, but nature rules in every pregnancy.

That is why we will work with you to find a health insurance provider for your newborn, so that you’re prepared for the unexpected, should your little one decide to arrive prematurely or has any complications. Like any other insurance, this will give you the much needed peace of mind, especially as a non-Canadian resident.

Choose BCT

We help you start and finish your journey to parenthood

We are well-versed in all things related to parenthood journeys in Canada and stand ready to help you.