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Our passion drives our work


Surrogacy in Canada…

Ready for a surrogacy journey filled with Canadian charm? Canada is more than a destination, Let us show you why!


Canada, where love knows no boundaries. Celebrating inclusivity, Canada legalized gay marriage nationwide in 2005, creating a supportive environment for all families.

Legal Consistency

Surrogacy in Canada stands unique as the only country where it’s uniformly legal nationwide. No need to navigate varying regulations; your surrogacy journey is secure from coast to coast.

Nicest Nation

Experience the warmth of the world’s friendliest nation. Canadians are renowned for their kindness, making your surrogacy journey not just legal but emotionally supported too.

Altruistic Spirit

In Canada, surrogacy is altruistic, reflecting our cultural pride in helping others. Here, surrogates offer the precious gift of life selflessly, with a community of care and compassion.

More About Canada

Why the Excitement?

Canada: Where Generosity Fuels Surrogacy.

In Canada, surrogacy isn’t about money; it’s about big-hearted individuals uniting to create families.

Full of kindness and compassion, with incredible women selflessly stepping up to help others achieve their dreams of parenthood.

Canada’s waiting, and Babies Come True is here to guide you through every step of this journey.

Let’s make dreams come true, one act of kindness at a time.

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Embracing Parenthood

Canada's Open Arms

Intended parents from every corner of the world find a warm embrace here. Our mission is to transform your dream of parenthood into reality, shaping a surrogacy journey that resonates with your vision, values, and aspirations.


Who Can Be an Intended Parent?

We believe that every dream of parenthood is valid, regardless of marital status, gender, or nationality. Our doors are open for:

Couples – Married or unmarried.

Same-sex couples, because love knows no boundaries.

Single individuals who dream of parenthood.

With Surrogacy in Canada
Babies Come True can help you make these
dreams become reality.
Whether you’re considering becoming a surrogate or embarking on your journey to parenthood,
Canada stands ready to embrace your dreams.

Our Partnerships

More About Clinics

Selecting the right clinic is a crucial part on your Canadian surrogacy path. Being able to resonate with your needs and can navigate the process seamlessly, ensuring they boast a comprehensive team, supportive professionals and translators. Collaborations with local IVF clinics are also pivotal for a successful journey.

Being mindful of potential challenges is key, and having confidence that your chosen clinic will prioritize the well-being of you, your baby, and your surrogate is paramount.

Babies Come True works in partnership with a variety of reproductive care facilities, determined based on your situation or needs.

Dreams of parenthood are universal, and in Canada, the surrogacy process follows a similar path…

A typical surrogacy journey in Canada starts at 24 months.

Here are what the steps look like for a typical journey:

It all begins with a conversation. During this phase, you connect with experts who guide you through the process’s intricacies. You’ll discuss your hopes, queries, and aspirations, setting the stage for the journey ahead.

Both Intended Parents and Surrogates, as well as Egg Donors if involved, undergo thorough medical and psychological assessments. These evaluations ensure the health, emotional well-being, and compatibility of all parties involved.

Solid legal foundations are essential. In this stage, comprehensive legal contracts are drafted and signed, detailing the rights, responsibilities, and expectations of all parties. Legal experts ensure a secure and transparent framework for the journey.

This is a big moment! Embryos are carefully transferred to the Surrogate’s womb, marking a pivotal moment on your path to parenthood.

Throughout the pregnancy, Surrogates receive thorough medical care and monitoring. The Intended Parents are kept informed about each step, sharing in the anticipation of the baby’s arrival.

As the big day approaches, Intended Parents presence is requested in Toronto. This is a preparation for your baby’s birth, the big moment is almost here!

The moment you have dreamed of becomes reality as they welcome the bundle of joy into your arms.

For those who’ve opted for frozen semen samples or embryos, the first trip to Canada can be bypassed. This flexible approach respects your choices and ensures the journey aligns with your preferences.

Canadian Surrogacy

The Legal Part

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Understanding the legal landscape can feel overwhelming and mentally difficult, while trying to create your family. Let’s discuss the legal framework about Surrogacy in Canada, and how Babies Come True stands by your side, offering expert legal coordination every step of the way.

Navigating Canadian Legalities:

Surrogacy in Canada has a well-established legal framework. Intended Parents are recognized as the legal parents, so they would be listed on the birth certificate, while the Surrogate’s name is not included. This ensures a clear and transparent legal status for your family.


Children born through surrogacy in Canada are provided the gift of Canadian citizenship, a symbol of belonging and opportunity. However, while Canadian citizenship is assured, it’s essential to consider your home country’s requirements for entry. Babies Come True guides you through this process, ensuring that you’re well-prepared to navigate the complexities of international travel.

Global Travel:

Bringing your child home is a journey that spans borders and hearts. Babies Come True works with our Intended Parents with travel coordination, offering you the guidance needed to go on this journey with confidence. Our case coordinators assist in navigating the challenges of international travel, ensuring you have the right documents for a smooth transition.

Local Legal Expertise:

At Babies Come True, we understand that legal aspects can be intricate. Our commitment to your journey extends to providing access to local legal representation, experts deeply familiar with the dynamics of surrogacy arrangements in Canada. With our guidance, you’ll be empowered to make informed decisions.

Your surrogacy journey in Canada is a testament to resilience, unity, and shared dreams. With Babies Come True as your ally, each legal step is accompanied by expert guidance, ensuring your journey to parenthood is paved with clarity and assurance.

Surrogacy in Canada

How much does it cost?

The costs associated with surrogacy in Canada can vary depending on a range of factors. Intended parents should consider expenses such as surrogate compensation, medical fees, legal costs, and fertility treatments.

Surrogates in Canada typically receive altruistic compensation for their time and effort, covering their pregnancy-related expenses but not serving as a source of income. Medical expenses may include fertility treatments, prenatal care, and the delivery process.

Legal fees are essential to ensure that all parties involved have clear legal rights and responsibilities. While surrogacy in Canada is altruistic in nature, it’s essential for intended parents to budget for these associated costs to navigate the journey successfully and responsibly.

Journeys start at $80,000 and can average around $140,000 (CAD).

About Surrogacy in Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Going on the surrogacy journey in Canada is an exciting adventure. We understand that a lot of questions will come up, looking for clarity and insight. At Babies Come True, we’re thrilled to introduce our blog post to alleviate some of your questions and concerns about considering surrogacy in Canada!

Some of the questions we’ll answer in the blog…

  • Do I need Newborn Insurance? We’ll explore the need and benefits of newborn insurance, shedding light on how it can provide peace of mind and a protective shield for your growing family.
  • Is Surrogacy Allowed in Canada? Navigating the legal terrain is essential in your surrogacy journey. Our blog post delves into the legal dimensions of surrogacy in Canada, outlining the rights and recognition granted to intended parents and their path towards parenthood.
  • What are the Success Rates Like? Understanding the statistics behind your surrogacy journey is crucial. Our blog post unravels the success rates in Canada, offering insights that empower you to make informed decisions as you tread the path towards parenthood.
  • What’s the Wait Time Like? The anticipation of welcoming your little one is a moment filled with excitement. This post takes you through the journey of wait times, offering a glimpse into the timeline that shapes your path towards embracing parenthood.
  • Are There Additional Costs to Consider? Financial considerations are an integral part of your surrogacy journey. Our blog post delves into the comprehensive costs associated with surrogacy in Canada, giving you a holistic view of the financial landscape and the investment required.
  • Why Choose Canada Over Other Countries? Amidst a global landscape of surrogacy options, our blog post will elaborate on why Canada stands out as a cherished destination for creating your family. We’ll explore the unique facets that make Canada an inviting choice for intended parents worldwide.

Ready To Learn More About Canada?