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Surrogacy in Argentina

Argentina offers a distinctive and compassionate environment for surrogacy, embracing a diverse range of individuals and couples, including singles, same-sex couples, and both married and unmarried heterosexual couples. The country's unique blend of tranquility and vibrant city life ensures a secure and fulfilling surrogacy journey.

Key advantages

Quick citizenship process
Children born through surrogacy in Argentina become eligible for Argentine citizenship, typically granted within 2 to 3 weeks. This facilitates a streamlined application for an Argentine passport shortly after the baby's birth.

LGBTQ Inclusivity
Argentina is at the forefront of recognizing surrogacy for LGBTQ couples.
While surrogacy is not regulated, family law mandates the surrogate mother to relinquish parental rights, allowing equal adoption rights for both heterosexual and homosexual couples.

Top-notch Healthcare System
Renowned for having the best healthcare system in Latin America, Argentina's fertility clinics boast high success rates. Our partnerships with leading clinics ensure access to exceptional medical care, backed by the expertise of pioneers in the field, including the founder of IVF in the nation.

How long is the Surrogacy process in Argentina?

The surrogacy journey in Argentina typically spans 12 to 24 months, aligning with global standards. This comprehensive process involves key steps, such as medical and psychological assessments for both intended parents and surrogate mothers/egg donors, legal contract arrangements, and the subsequent embryo transfer.


Thorough evaluations for both intended parents and surrogate mothers/egg donors are conducted to ensure the physical and emotional readiness for the surrogacy journey.


Legal processes, including contract arrangements, are a crucial aspect to safeguard the interests of all parties involved.


Following assessments and legal procedures, the embryo transfer marks a significant milestone in the surrogacy journey.

Visit to Buenos Aires

FIRST VISIT (3-4 Days)

This takes place at the beginning of the surrogacy process for semen sample collection and documentation.

SECOND VISIT (6-8 Weeks)

Aligns with the baby's birth, providing intended parents with the opportunity to be present for this significant moment.

This timeline ensures a well-paced and comprehensive surrogacy journey, allowing intended parents to actively participate in key milestones.

Surrogacy Legality in Argentina

Currently, in Argentina, surrogacy is only legal in Buenos Aires, the country's most cosmopolitan city. While undergoing a surrogacy program here is possible, choosing a reputable clinic is crucial for a smooth and secure experience.


  • Although Argentina as a country lacks a specific law on parentage transfer after surrogacy, legal recognition for intended parents is established in Buenos Aires.
  • In Buenos Aires, surrogacy allows both intended parents, or a single parent, to be listed on the baby's birth certificate. The surrogate mother's name is not included.
  • Children born through surrogacy in Argentina are eligible for an Argentine passport.


  • Argentina’s laws offer favorable conditions for LGBTQ couples, making the process of starting a family more accessible.
  • With cost-effective surrogacy options now available locally, same-sex couples can explore an affordable and ethical surrogacy journey in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Discover the Advantages of Surrogacy In Argentina

Argentina emerges as a promising destination for surrogacy, offering several key advantages for hopeful parents. Here's what sets it apart:


Argentina has impressive success rates in surrogacy programs, providing a positive outlook for individuals and couples pursuing parenthood.


Surrogacy in Argentina is inclusive, welcoming singles, same-sex couples, and married or unmarried heterosexual couples, making it accessible to everyone.


Argentina has a well regulated legal framework ensures a smooth process for an Argentine passport and citizenship for the baby, offering legal clarity and security.


Argentina's medical teams are multilingual, facilitating communication in various languages and enhancing the overall surrogacy experience.


Surrogate insurance is available, covering NICU costs and providing additional support for intended parents throughout the surrogacy journey.


Unlike some destinations, there is no waiting list for surrogates or egg donors in Argentina, ensuring quicker access to these essential components of the surrogacy process.


Argentina may be less known as a surrogacy destination, so thorough research is essential before making a decision.

Anonymity of egg and sperm donors is a factor to consider, providing potential parents with aspects to weigh when contemplating surrogacy in Argentina.

Despite these factors, Argentina's positive aspects, including high success rates, inclusivity, and well regulated laws, position it as an appealing option for those seeking surrogacy opportunities.

Expert tips for Intended Parents considering Surrogacy in Argentina

Choosing the right clinic is crucial for a successful surrogacy journey. Here are some pro tips to guide your decision:


Remember to take a clinic's history and client experiences into account as well as its establishment date. The clinic's track record and reputation is more significant than how new it is.


Make sure the clinic has a dedicated fertility doctor with specialized expertise. A knowledgeable and experienced doctor is a key contributor to surrogacy success.

Babies Come True collaborates with renowned fertility doctors and clinics in Buenos Aires, ensuring top-notch expertise.


Research the legal framework and regulations on surrogacy in Argentina. Understanding these aspects in advance empowers intended parents to make well informed decisions.


Seek testimonials or reach out to previous clients to gain insights into the surrogacy experience offered by the clinic or agency. Real life experiences provide valuable perspectives.

By considering these expert tips, intended parents can navigate the process with confidence, ensuring a positive and informed decision when choosing surrogacy in Argentina.

About Surrogacy in Argentia

Frequently Asked Questions

Going on the surrogacy journey in Argentina is an exciting adventure. We understand that a lot of questions will come up, looking for clarity and insight. At Babies Come True, we’re thrilled to assist you with your questions and concerns about considering surrogacy in Argentina!

Is surrogacy allowed? Yes, since 2013, Argentina permits gestational surrogacy - surrogates are not genetically related to the child.

Is Argentina safe? Absolutely. Buenos Aires, the 'Paris of South America,' offers a secure and inviting environment for your surrogacy journey.

How long does it take from birth to go home in Argentina? Approximately 6-8 weeks, this may vary based on your embassy's procedures. Quick for U.S. citizens, possibly longer for Europeans. The baby gets Argentine citizenship and a passport.

Can we use a known egg donor?  No, only anonymous egg donations are allowed.

Where does birth take place? All births take place at a private hospital in Buenos Aires unless a medical emergency requires a different arrangement. 

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