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Z Why Babies Come True

WHY Babies Come True? 

Babies Come True are not here just to help you, we go on the journey to parenthood with you. 

As international intended parents, what is already a difficult journey to becoming parents is made even more challenging because you now are dealing with people of a different culture. The way you are used to communicating with people might not work effectivity in Canada. We work and are headquartered in Canada, therefore, we know how everything should operate, how to "speak Canadian" and who You want to consider collaborating with. 


BCT is the leading provider assisting International IP's go through the surrogacy process in Canada. We have helped hundreds of Intended Parents to go through the process in Canada. 

We partner with one of the biggest clinics in North America (CReATe Fertility Centre).

You could always Ask to Speak with many of our IP’s around the globe for references 

We are the best at what we do and we work tirelessly to support you:

  • Babies Come True has a team of experts globally
  • Your case coordinator will assist you and help you, in one of the many languages spoken by our staff throughout your whole journey
  • We can help with cost efficiencies, based on our experience and knowledge
  • We will support you through the journey, and ensure your journey stays on track. 

Potential Savings:

  • Babies Come True can help you save money compared to engaging in Surrogacy independently in Canada. This is not alone down to the different programs we can introduce you to, but giving you all the necessary information to allow adequate planning. Therefore, allowing you to avoid unnecessary expenses - such as additional travel, repeat testing amongst other factors. 


  • Surrogacy is probably one of the most complex journeys you will engage in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). We are committed to explaining the risks, and options available to you.
  • We will always be honest and let you know which are the professionals available for you to work with, what the different costs are and what are the exact steps you need to take to make your path a success. 

Reasons to consider Canada:

  • Fantastic relationship with your Surrogate. 
  • Assured Legal status and state of the art Healthcare. 
  • Final costs up to 50% lower compared to US programs. 
  • Canadian Birth Certificate (with the parent(s) name), and Canadian Passport - irrespective of sexual orientation / relationship status. 
  • Automatic legal parental rights (in Canada) when your baby is born. 
  • Surrogacy is well received by Locals and the Authorities of Canada 
  • Our partner clinic achieves high levels of pregnancy on the first transfer (positive for both IP’s and the Surrogate)