Consulting Services for Intended Parents

Babies Come True is committed to helping Intended Parents build their families. One of our Case Coordinators will help you though every step of the process. From our initial call where we give you an overview of the process, to helping you work with different segments, till you fulfil your dream of becoming a parent we will be by your side.


  • Clinic
  • Egg Donation Agency
  • Surrogacy Agency
  • Lawyers
  • Insurance Providers



CreATe Fertility Clinic

CReATe stands for Canadian Reproductive Assisted Technology. Proudly headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, they are internationally renowned for our specialized fertility services and ground-breaking research.

CReATe is committed to provide personalized, comprehensive, cutting-edge care for every fertility journey. You can rely on our experienced team, our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, and our pioneering research scientists to give you the best options for creating your family.

Egg Donor and Surrogacy Agencies

Babies Come True is located in Canada so we are familiar with all the agencies that provide services to international couples. There are many options available so we will do everything possible to provide you with valuable information so you can select the right provider for you.

Family Law

Law Regulations & Services

While doing surrogacy in Canada you must have different contracts in place (i.e. Egg Donor and Surrogate agreements) to ensure that your journey follows the Canadian laws.  BCT works with the most experienced lawyers in Canada, recognized nationally and internationally. We will also assist you with finding a Lawyer in your home country so you can ensure that the process of bringing your child home is as smooth as possible.

Insurance Providers

We never like to think about things going wrong. But as is the case with any pregnancy, there is always the risk that your child will be born premature or have other complications. These complications could mean expensive medical bills (up to $10,000 / day) if you are not Canadian residents. For these reasons you will need to purchase insurance to cover your child and we will connect you to the providers.


Additional Services Provided

Appartment in Toronto

We have an apartment equipped with essentials for when you come to pick up your baby including: stroller, car seat, crib, infant bath tub etc.

Travel Advice

We can help you organize your trip to the Clinic including Airport Pickup and recommendations on where to stay and things to do while in Toronto.


Want to have a civil wedding while in Canada but do not know where to start? We can help guide you through that process in Canada


Next Steps...

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